Our Story


There are different ways of doing things, but our wouldn’t be so special if we only used top quality leather and the best materials – designed, cut and sewn by a fantastic staff of the most capable artisans and artist in the Eternal city.
What makes us truly special is that we use all of the art, patience and technique of our forefathers in crafting your leather jacket.
But what makes us really extraordinary is You, beacuse together we can create an original and exclusive design , in the color, size and style that you want.
When our ideas unite, an exciting fusion takes place and a beautiful new style is born.
Dear friends, I have a message for you from my forefathers!
I take great pleasure in sharing this message with you, together with the supple feeling and rustic smell of leather and remember, in years to come, that I gave you a piece of my story and collection, to enjoy in the future! Dear friends, thank you for your time and for realizing that i was never talking about just a “leather jacket”.
Hope to see you from time to time…